Appliance doctors give relief during recession

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Even though the Bennett's are the self-proclaimed "Appliance Doctors", more East Texans are attempting to perform their own surgeries on their broke down machinery.

According to T.J. Bennett, the Co-owner of Appliance Doctors, "Now people are more or less trying to do it themselves to save as much money as they can and they'll call in for advice. We try to help them out with the free advice as much as possible".

And when customers can't fix it themselves, they come back to the professionals. Throughout the entire 9 years the Appliance Doctors have been in business, they've seen an increase in customer visits in the past 3 to 6 months.

"It's the economy, because more and more people are losing their jobs" says Bennett.  "People are not buying new anymore; whereas, they used to bring us their old stuff and they would go buy new. We're not seeing as much of that. They're not getting rid of the old stuff... They're holding on to it and trying to fix it".

Even wives and moms aren't pushing husbands to idea of "out with old and in with the new". Mrs. Bennett says women, especially, use an outdated or broken down appliance as an excuse to upgrade.

"If they're stove breaks, well hey, this is a good excuse to get a new stove. I can redo the kitchen...They're not doing that anymore. They're fixing the old ones up and making do with what they have rather than going out and buying new and redoing the kitchen".

It's a trend that's growing daily and a cost efficient idea that is helping families save money.