Nacogdoches police round up east Texans with warrants

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Local police departments are cracking down on folks with warrants.

"If the individual knows they have a warrant and they've been notified, they should go ahead and come down to the Nacogdoches Municipal Court and speak to the judge and take care of their obligation" says Officer Eric Newell.

Warrant Officer Ken Jackson, of the Nacogdoches Police Department says, voluntarily taking care of your fines can help you avoid further inconvenience, or embarrassment. "That will prevent them from being arrested on the street or their place of employment".

They'll even come knocking at your front door. They know where you live.  If you're away from home, don't worry; there's always next time.

Officer Newell told KTRE, "The next step is we would try putting their name through the system and see if there is a more current address. If not, then we just put a mark on the list that it's an incorrect address and we'll just try again another day".

Officers say don't delay, take care of your fines today. The warrant round-up continues until the end of month. You can pay your fines at the Nacogdoches Municipal Court and Police Department.