Keep your child safe this spring break


Parents say the fear of kidnappings; fatalities and the occasional irresponsibility of others keep them worried this time of year.

"You can never be too cautious" says Lufkin parent, Christina Coffey. "You always have to know what your kids are doing, who they're doing it with; where they're going to be and keep in touch with the parents they're going to be with".

Some parents find though that their kids are safer in their care.

"Cause I know during Spring Break that's when all the college kids and all the partying goes on so you can never be too safe", says Coffey.

College students aren't the only ones known for getting a little rambunctious... Local police say, "Parents, be on the lookout for your high-schoolers too".

According to Officer Jeff Hopson of the Nacogdoches Police Department, they see a lot of criminal mischief during this time of the year. "We have the bb guns, and paint balls and so forth. Just keep an eye on their kids. Be careful, watch them. Don't let them stay out late. If they have a lot of idle time, they'll be on the roads and young inexperienced drivers can get hurt and cause a problem".

And while you may not be able to be with your kid 24/7, local parents advise from experience.

You have got to always call and make sure they're where they're supposed to be and make sure somebody responsible is with them" advises Scott Smith, a Lufkin Parent.

Coffey agrees, "Don't assume that somebody else is going to look out for them; It's your job".