Officials warn of phone scam

The Bryan-College Station area was bombarded with telephone calls from scammers attempting to obtain a credit card number from citizens, officials with the Better Business Bureau said.

Many of the calls have been late at night and caller IDS show the calls coming from different area codes.

The calls are recorded messages. Some say that your VISA credit card will be suspended and asks that you press 1 for more information. When doing so, you are asked for your credit card number.  Some ask if you approve of Sarah Palin, press 1.

Some of the calls state they are the Brazos Valley Credit Union and wish to update their records.  The following appears on the Credit Union website:

"Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union has been notified by numerous members and non members alike that they have received telephone calls requesting account information. Members also report being contacted by text messaging and email. Remember, your credit union will never contact you by phone, by e-mail, nor by text messaging, and ask you for your personal information."

These calls are "phishing" scams and their purpose is to obtain personal information from the caller.

The Bureau's press release says if you are concerned about the status of your banking information, contact your bank personally rather than responding to a telephone call or email.

You may contact the state Attorney General's Office, 800-252-8011; the Consumer Protection Division of the Public Utilities Commission, telemarketer complaints, 888-782-8477; the Federal Trade Commission, 877-382-4357.