Lufkin wetland safe from development for now

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A pile of sticks on the side of the road, or a home for some East Texas wildlife.

"All of the things that are East Texas are going to populate this pond," Texas Conservation Alliance Director Richard Donovan said.

East Texans are worried about beavers in the Wetland having to compete with Lufkin's booming economic development.

Curtis Grimes noticed the wetland and said, "Seems like these days the economics override the wildlife so, it's a controversial question."

However, some things are just inevitable.

"I am really not worried because we're in town and things happen in towns that are supposed to happen to cities," said Donovan.

The Texas Conservation Alliance said the beavers that built this dam are welcome to the area, and they hope they stay protected.

Although these animals may live in the woods, they are city animals.

"These are in town so they just have to expect the consequences, I suppose,"  said Donovan.

However, the city of Lufkin said they do not see any consequences for the beavers in the near future.

Director of Economic Development for the City of Lufkin and Angelina County, Jim Wehmeier said, "Generally, developers try to steer clear of that because there's a lot of time and costs associated with trying to develop in a wetland."

He said the natural habitat should be just fine in the area, news some East Texans would be thrilled to hear.

"The beavers need a place to live too," Grimes insisted.

For now, the only development going on in the Wetland is the beavers' dam.

The city said the Wetland does not hurt the water supply and the Texas Conservation Alliance said if the Wetland did anything, it would recharge the water supply and purify the water.