Pilgrim's Pride is hiring, but changes still seen since Chapter 11

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Pilgrim's Pride in Nacogdoches is hiring. Not alot, only about thirty employees this time. "It's just part of our normal business operation," said Ray Atkinson, Pilgrim's Pride spokesman. "But we continue to work to improve our efficiency and costs as we work through the Chapter 11 process here."

It's a process bringing noticeable changes every day, according to one woman who works there. She spoke with us under the condition her identity not be revealed. "They're still cutting back hours. A lot of people don't get 40 hours. A lot big bosses, superintendents have been bucked down, so there have been a lot of changes." They're the kind of positions not everyone wants. Front line work is hard and potentially dangerous. "The debone line, you're physically working with the scissors and knives and picking up 70 pound tubs," said the woman. When the more desirable prepared food line closed down, several hundred employees opted to move to the processing line, despite the grueling work. It's better than no job at all, at least for some.

Some former employees were laid off when they did not have the correct credentials. Some said they would not go back for any thing. Others said they certainly would, if they could. They're day workers. They gamble each morning on picking up work. Today two of them got a moving job.

So Pilgrim's continues to seek out employees. Just last week Workforce Solutions shared space for a Pilgrim's job fair. The woman who talked with us worked with 8 new employees last night. She wants to hang onto her job.  "We all should be scared. I have a family. I need my job," said the employee.