Job fair brings hope to unemployed

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The room was by no means packed, but a job fair like this gives people hope. People like Irene Eubanks needs that hope because she knows how tough it is to find a job. She's been in and out of work over the past year. She said the work she's had hasn't been stable. "Try to prepare for applications, dress and head out to the wild blue yonder," said Eubanks

Eubanks is not alone. Sandra is the Business Services Specialist for Work Force Solutions. She deals with unemployment cases everyday. She said keeping an open mind is key to finding a job. "This job fair would be a great place for them to explore different career fields because you know if they were actually looking for something different because we have a little of everything here," said Hopson

Many people we talked to were okay with changing career fields, they just want to know the job they pick will be there tomorrow. "I really just want something stable,"  said Ronnie Etheridge, unemployed. "It seems like this economy is so unstable, everything's so unstable right now."

Etheridge said you can't be too picky in this economy. People like Eubanks aren't. She filled out several applications and then went to look for more work. She said she needs a job because people depend on her. "My son says, 'Mom, you know I really would like to have these shoes' and then I just remind him yea you know but I really need a job first and we got bills," said Eubanks.

Eubanks said she's going to hang in there. "That's my strength to know that there is someone over me, watching over me and helping me," said Eubanks. Eubanks said she will continue to search until she lands a job.

If you missed Wednesday's job fair, don't worry, there's another job fair on March 24 in Nacogdoches. Click here for more information about the upcoming job fair.