City of Nacogdoches, Coalition join efforts on charter amendments

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Mayor Roger Van Horn and Coalition for Public Referendum representative Jackie Warthan announced the City of Nacogdoches and the Coalition for Public Referendum (CPR) plan to work together on potential charter amendments.

Van Horn has scheduled city commission consideration of a proposal to create a charter study committee at the April 7, city commission meeting.

Van Horn and Warthan agreed charter amendments should have a thorough public vetting before the electorate considers approval of amendments.  It is anticipated if the City Commission appoints a Charter Study Committee, CPR and other groups will have input in selection of the committee.  It is likely proposed charter amendments would be considered at the Nov. 3 election date.

"Public involvement in the charter amendment process is essential for it gives the citizens the opportunity to express their views as well as serves as a forum to educate the public about proposed amendments," Van Horn said.

"Due to the importance and long term impact of any charter amendments it is important CPR work with the City Commission to have broad public input," Warthan said.

It is anticipated the charter study committee will not limit its review to initiative, referendum and recall, but will review the entire charter for possible changes. The last charter study committee was in 1994 and voters adopted the 25 proposed amendments.