Couple makes large donation toward GODTEL facility

Efforts to build a new facility at GODTEL Ministries in Nacogdoches took a big step with a donation from Vijaya and Rama Pokala.

The GODTEL staff has been working in the community to raise funds for the project and will begin construction with the staff housing as the first phase of the project.

GODTEL accepted the donation on March 6.

"We have been honored and humbled by the people of Nacogdoches. We wanted to do something to give back to help people help themselves. The GODTEL building project will increase the scope of the work that GODTEL is doing for many people in need," Vijaya Pokala said.

June Gentry, executive director of GODTEL, said he was deeply moved by the generous donation.

"This money means we will be able to start and complete the Staff Housing phase of this building project with only a small amount of funds still needed. We were planning to start this project and were overjoyed to learn of the generosity of Dr. Pokala, " Gentry said.

The project will include women's and men's dorms, staff house and garden to grow food for the shelter is also in the land use plan.

"GODTEL Ministries is a private, non]profit, religious organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. GODTEL houses the homeless, feeds the hungry, provides clothing and household items as available and needed and offers spiritual guidance and counseling to help meet the deep inner need of the people God sends their way. GODTEL Ministries will continue to reach out and expand in order to reach even more lost souls. They are anticipating that others will join with them to feed, clothe, house and share the Gospel message with the poor."