SFA film student murdered during bloody struggle following robbery and drug deal gone bad

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Paul Cumbie cries, barely able to speak. He isn't likely to forget the last visit he had with good friend, Charles Frazer. "I was there five minutes before it happened," the SFA student said. Thursday evening Cumbie was hanging out at Frazars' apartment in the Cambridge Court Apartment complex on Northway. The TV they were watching was still on this morning. During the visit came a knock on the door. "It acted like the brother had known 'em, but I don't think he did. They asked him about, if they could find some pot," shared the sobbing Cumbie.

Following that Cumbie leaves shortly after 7:30, but things just didn't feel right. "I called him and told 'em to watch out because there's a car just sitting in the parking lot that didn't look right," said Cumbie. Then the call came. "Five minutes after we left we get a call from his brother saying Charles got shot," Cumbie manages to say before weeping almost uncontrollably. Cumbie was told the same men who had visited earlier had returned.

In a morning press conference, Nacogdoches police didn't mention two visits, but confirmed this afternoon it was a drug deal gone bad. They spoke of three men asking to use the phone. One suspect had a handgun. The others began stealing items. "During this the deceased victim retrieved a large knife from inside the apartment, rushed at the three suspects and began to cut with a large knife," described Sgt. Greg Sowell, Nacogdoches Police Department spokesman.The suspects fled to a hospital. Frazar laid bleeding in the parking lot. A mop still holding blood from the injured remained on the porch.

Two suspects from Nacogdoches are in the hospital tonight. Okeiron Bowser, 21,  is undergoing treatment for cuts and stab wounds in a Tyler hospital. Marlon Randle, 27,  is at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. The third suspect, Marsh Odom II, 21, of Center is in jail. All three have been charged with capital murder.

Frazar's friends, all film students at SFA,  are grieving his death. "You would never think. Charles is not the kind of person (you would) even slightly expect in this kind of thing," said Sean King, a student who had been working closely with Frazar.

Students wasted no time posting Facebook pictures of the friend, they called 'Sally', to the web.  But, none are as disturbing as the one posted by Frazar's brother Tyler at 3:24 the following morning. He writes, 'It should have been me.' A later posting reads, 'I just always thought it would be me first.'

Frazar's last project is a student film titled 'All Good Years', ironically about a young boy dying. Cumbie concluded by sobbing, "He was too young to die." The film, set to premier later this month, will be dedicated in Frazars' memory.