Restaurant Report- Angelina County - 03/12/2009

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX(KTRE)- This Restaurant Report includes inspections from Bodacious BBQ, and Pete's Place, let's find out what health inspectors found this week.

El Taurino Restaurant received 19 demerits when health inspectors said employees did not have food handler's certification. They also needed to clean the kitchen equipment. Utensils were stored in the hand sink and they were instructed to de-clutter the shelves under the coffee maker.

Taco Bell on South First Street received 8 demerits. They too had employees that did not have proper food handler's certification. They also needed to clean the floor inside the cooler.

Whataburger #82 on North Timberland also received 8 demerits. The ice scoop needed to be stored properly.

Club Alibi on Burke Avenue got 10 demerits when health inspectors found the Windex glass cleaner stored with the lime and lemons. Hot water, soap and towels was required in the restrooms.

Congratulations is in order to the following restaurants: Bodacious BBQ, Woodland Heights Medical Center, Subway (Champions Drive), Lufkin Detention Center, Huntington Healthcare and Rehab, Pete's Place, and The Beach. These restaurants received zero demerits on this week's Restaurant Report.