Gift of Love: Demarcus

CANTON, TX (KLTV) - What began at an elementary school birthday party, ended in the creation of a family.

Adoptive parents Barbie and Randy Stinnett said their new son Demarcus has always had a special connection to them.

"We've been in love with this boy since he came to Jake's birthday party," said Barbie. "We have been trying to adopt him for two years now. Now he's our son."

Before landing in the Stinnett home, Demarcus went through many years of temporary placements.

"He actually asked 'can I come live with y'all?'" Barbie said. "He had a journey to go on to get to us. He had been through several difficult foster homes and he's made it to our home now forever."

Demarcus said he is looking forward most to, "growing up with my best friend, which now is my brother."

"He's been a great kid to us," said Randy. "We love him. Can't wait to see him grow. We were blessed financially to be able to take care of him so that's what we felt like we needed to do."

The need to act where it is needed is something the Stinnett family is known for in their community.

As the store manager of the Canton Walmart, even Randy's employees say they couldn't wait to celebrate their new addition.

"He had been talking for the last several weeks, adoption day is coming, adoption day is coming," said manager Jessica Deville.

The entire store hosted a surprise adoption party for Randy and the Stinnett family following Demarcus' adoption.

They even made a special request to their state representative, Dan Flynn.

At the adoption party, Randy was presented with the Texas flag that flew over the state capital on June 22, 2018, the day Demarcus was adopted.

"He not only got adopted into the Stinnett family but he got adopted into the Walmart family also," said Deville. "This little boy is going to be blessed a hundred times over."

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