Gift of Love: Landen, a creative 13-year-old, needs a loving family

Gift of Love: Landen, a creative 13-year-old, needs a loving family


For Landen, life is about creating and learning.

“You know very easily when he's happy and joyful,” said DFPS Adoption Case Worker Michelle Clark. “I've known Landen for about four years. He enjoys building and creating. He likes building with Legos, blocks, likes playing with Hot Wheels.”

Whether the building bricks are small, or taller than he is himself, his desire to keep on building is part of what makes Landen, who is 13, unique.

“He really enjoys the simplest pleasures in life,” Clark said. “When we first met him, he just wanted to sit on the floor and watch cartoons. Now, you see him come into a place like this, and he's taking blocks and building statues with them.”

Landen’s growing self-confidence has become a light for other areas of his life as well.

“He goes to school, and all his teachers adore him,” Clark said. Everybody that meets Landen just falls in love with him. You can't help but love him.”

His caretakers said he would be a blessing to any family who decides to take him in.

“Hopefully, his parents will have experience with children with autism, so they can give him the kindness, gentleness, patience that he will require,” Clark said. “Somebody that can be reassuring and nurturing to him.”

Landen needs a family to help him complete the forever home he's been working to build his whole life.

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