Gift of Love: Nathan

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - To say 7-year-old Nathan always sees the brighter side would only be scratching the surface.

"They like my wheelchair," Nathan said as he pets the goats at Caldwell Zoo. "I love these goats!"

Born with a condition call arthrogryposis, the curvature of joints, Nathan is reliant upon his wheelchair. But if you asked him, the chair is not forever.

"Walking? Of course! I would want to do that," Nathan said.

Even at his young age, Nathan has a thirst for knowledge. He said it is important to him to watch the news.

"Because I'm growing up, (I need) to look what's going on in the world," Nathan said.

His vision for the future includes a career as a first responder.

"A firefighter, that's what I want to be," he said.

As for a family, he said he wants a baby brother.

"Baby brothers are so cute," he said.

During night time prayers are when Nathan dreams about his life the most. He said he asks Jesus, "that I can be in a forever home."

In regard to parents, he hopes for "a young mom and a younger dad."

When describing his future life, Nathan said, "it's going to be very cool!"

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