Better East Texas: Founders said media is ‘necessity and right of the people’

Better East Texas: Founders said media is ‘necessity and right of the people’
(SOURCE: KTRE News Staff)

(KLTV/KTRE) - It is no surprise that we are weathering the storm of political divide in America. Some would say it started with President Obama and some would say President Trump started it, but it may have happened more organically than many would admit.

In any case, there is division. But what is also hitting a fevered pitch is the hatred in some circles of the media. Now, this applies primarily to the national media and those are the organizations that cover the national stories. President Trump has made it a regular call at his rallies to label the media as "fake news." He has also labeled the media as the "enemy of the people." That is a big, dangerous and largely unfounded blanket to throw on an industry.

He obviously doesn't agree with some of the media coverage and has clashed with some personalities in the media. But to describe them as the enemy of the people is too far. Some national outlets have started hiring security for correspondents to cover presidential political rallies. That fact alone is so disturbing that it would be happening inside our borders.

The president may not like the media, in general, but the founders of our country saw the media as a necessity and a right of the people, not the enemy of the people. And even if the president disagrees with some, using the term enemy of the people is too much. As the political season ramps up, the president has the power of the microphone to lower the verbal venom towards the industry that works for all Americans – let's hope he uses it.

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