Fire chief, teacher celebrate adoption of baby boy after infertility

Fire chief, teacher celebrate adoption of baby boy after infertility

ALTO, TX (KLTV) - "It just felt like it was meant to be, like he was meant to be in our lives," said Alto Kindergarten teacher and new mother Liz Trotty.

Jackson Heights Battalion Chief Kelcey Trotty and his wife Liz began their adoption journey in January of 2017.

"We could have done the fertility drugs and all the different treatments and all, but there is no guarantee that's going to work," said Kelcey.

It was through a public Facebook page, "Trotty's Dream," that couple shared their story, starting from their first adoption orientation in Fort Worth.

"We walked out actually pretty overwhelmed because it's a lot of information," said Liz.

The Trottys waited for months, but received incredible news just in time for the holidays.

"In November of 2017, we had a mom choose us, the week before Thanksgiving," said Liz. "I kept it a secret for one day from him. I went to work and actually surprised him."

It was only a matter of weeks before their bundle of joy, Jayce, would be theirs to take home, just days before Christmas.

"We brought him home from the hospital," said Liz.

"Holding him the first time, it was just amazing. Because it was like okay I get to hold this one but I get to bring this one home," said Kelcey.

The new Trotty family arrived home in December to a show of support from their friends, family, and fellow first responders.

"We actually got to the house and I looked up and saw everyone there and all the trucks there and it just hit and sunk in right then," said Kelcey. "When a member has a kid the guards come by in full uniform and present you stuff and take pictures with the kid and everything. I've done that before and been on the giving side of that. But being on the receiving side of it was just a totally different experience. I'm choking up thinking about it right now. We always say that the fire department is a brotherhood and family and all, but that was a big deal."

Their adoption would be finalized six months later in a Fort Worth court.

"Liz is sitting on one side, my mom is sitting on the other side and by the time they issue the first decree, I'm bawling," said Kelcey.

"It was just a total relief, because he was ours and he can't be taken away," said Liz.

The Trottys said now they are focused on making memories.

"We've had a couple father-son days where mama is at the house doing something or days you got the day off, so let's load up and go somewhere," said Kelcey.

"Coming home and knowing that I will actually get to experience motherhood and watching him grow is probably the most exciting," said Liz.

Their journey to forever is finally complete. The Trotty dream has officially come true.

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