Gift of Love: Justice

Gift of Love: Justice

(KLTV) - Justice had a wonderful afternoon painting at Pottery Café. sharing more of her story with us as we played.

This 12 year old is a sweet and vivacious child. Her red hair, freckles, and sweet smile are hard to overlook. Justice loves being a "girly-girl." She enjoys dressing up and putting on make-up and jewelry. As for school, Justice likes a wide variety of subjects.

"Art, Math and P.E.," Justice said.

Justice says she loves to draw in her free time. Justice also enjoys being active and will do well with a family that enjoys spending time together and participating in activities.

"I like painting and making your own things," Justice said.

Justice loves to go swimming, camping, and fishing. She also likes listening to music, watching movies, and she really enjoys playing board games. Justice says that she wants a family that enjoys spending time together and has "family nights."

As for her future, Justice has a pretty good idea what she would like to do!

"I want to be a veterinarian and the reason I want to be a veterinarian is because I love animals," Justice said.

She would love to one day attend college at Abilene Christian University. In the meantime, Justice says she would really like to have a puppy of her own and she would prefer it to be a Chihuahua.

"If it was a boy, I would name it Poppy like off of the Chihuahua movie," Justice said.

Justice hopes to be adopted soon and would love to have an older brother.

"A mom and dad, older brother but no sisters," Justice said.

Justice says more than anything in the world, she just wants a family to call her own.

"Cause I can be in a family that loves me," Justice said.

Justice would love to be doted on and needs a family that is going to help build up her self-esteem and make sure she knows she is loved completely. A family that can show Justice the Gift of Love.

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