Gift of Love: Leighton

Gift of Love: Leighton

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of competition at the bowling alley for Leighton and me. This 17-year-old is a quiet young man with lots of personality. He is a very easy-going child who loves to smile, talk, and laugh. He is a "jokester" who likes to tease. Leighton is also very kind and caring.

He learns at a slower rate than other children his age, but he always gives 100% to what he is doing and will not quit until he finishes. Leighton does well in his classes and hopes to graduate and go to college. And he has big plans for his future.

"I want to be a military officer. There are a lot of things I want to be when I grow up," Leighton said, "A basketball player, a pop singer, comic book artist, marines, navy seals, Air Force.

He enjoys many indoor and outdoor activities. He loves to watch movies, read, draw and listen to music.

"Play video games," Leighton said.

When he's not inside, Leighton enjoys going to the lake, amusement parks and playing basketball. Also, Leighton is a comic book fan. Some of his favorite super heroes are Batman, Wolverine and Captain America.

Leighton needs a loving, accepting family who will teach him to be more independent and most importantly show Leighton the Gift of Love.

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