Gift of Love: Noah

Gift of Love: Noah
Noah is looking for a forever family.

(KLTV) - It was a fun afternoon at the Discovery Science Place as Noah and me tried our hand at some different games. Noah is very talkative and enjoys one on one attention. This 16-year-old would love to find a family that likes to be active. Noah says he likes to be outdoors.

Camping, vacation, going out of state, sleep, watch T.V., go fishing, go outside, fly my kite," Noah said.

As for his future, Noah says he would love to go into the field of culinary arts.

"I want to be a cook and why, because I've always loved cooking," Noah said.

Noah says he likes making cakes, cookies, deviled eggs and fried chicken. But his favorite, is also a holiday favorite for many.

"If I have all the ingredients, I like to make Pumpkin Pie," Noah said.

Noah says it's important to him to go to church and have a family that are also Christians.

"That I can learn more about God," Noah said.

Noah has had a rough life and looks forward to finding a family that will truly love him.

"Because I don't have a family that cared for me when I was younger and I want one now.

And Noah says, he doesn't care what that family unit looks like, except he would like siblings.

"I would like to have younger brothers and sisters," Noah said.

Noah says getting adopted means the world to him.

I would be happy, excited, I would feel wonderful," Noah said.

A wonderful family that can show Noah the Gift of Love.

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