Gift of Love: Randall, Love and Eden

Gift of Love: Randall, Love and Eden

(KLTV) - These three siblings had a great afternoon bouncing off the floor, walls and every thing else at iJump.

"I wish I could come here every single day to play," Eden said.

6-year-old Eden is the youngest. Eden is affectionate, loves hugs and expresses his love for others. He is helpful with chores and interacts well with others. This 1st grader likes his teacher and has lots of friends. Eden's favorite activity is soccer but he also loves electronics.

"I want to play on my tablet or my game station," Eden said.

Eden also enjoys Legos and riding his bike. He collects all things Paw Patrol.

Like her younger brother, middle sister Love, enjoys soccer too. And she loves to be active.

"Play outside," Love said.

This 9-year-old is in the 3rd grade. She does well in school and makes good grades both in her subjects and in her conduct. Love is also thinking about her future!

"I want to be a librarian because I like to read," Love said.

She loves the movie Frozen and collects things that are Frozen related. Love looks forward to finding a forever home and understands why she along with her two brothers need a new family.

"Because our parents wouldn't take care of us that good," Love said.

"I really want to be adopted by a nice family," big brother Randall said.

Love's older brother, Randall, understands, too. This 4th grader recently got a super star award at school for his kind heart. Randall has some struggles in reading and writing and will need parents that can support him with school work. This 11-year-old enjoys puzzles, playing outdoors and bowling.

"Baseball, basketball and play outside," Randall said.

Randall hopes sports will be a part of his future.

"A baseball player with the Texas Rangers because I am good with the bat. I can hit it very far," Randall said.

And if that doesn't work out, "I would be the boss of a candy company," Randall said.

The children have had a chaotic background and need a family that can help them recover and enjoy the rest of their childhood. They need a family who can give them the commitment of a lifetime, by showing Eden, Love and Randall the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Randall, Love and Eden or other East Texas children available for adoption, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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