Gift of Love: Therapeutic Foster Families

The sound of laughter is contagious in the Winters family. With three adopted children and three foster children, Heather and Jason have a full house. It's a journey they began 4 years ago.

"We really enjoy fostering. We've been doing this about 4 years now. And getting into it was a little scary because you don't know what you are getting into but amongst all the reasons to say no, there are that many more reasons to say yes," Heather Winters said.

Heather and Jason have had several children come through their home since they started. And say they hope to adopt more in the future.

"We just enjoy having all the kids in our lives. We've 13 placements come through in the 4 years we have been doing this. It's an amazing blessing to our family," Heather Winters said.

Their 2-year-old daughter Sami Claire has multiple medical issues. Something they discovered after bringing her home.

"Because we were also told she would never be mobile and now she is running and climbing on things. we have a lot of therapists in and out of the home," Heather Winters said.

Heather says they have 5 therapists that work with Sami Claire each week. She says the need for therapeutic foster families is an even bigger need and that often neglected children are medically neglected children.

"It's not just you and your family once you start it. There is a whole other world of support from current foster families and current adopted families," Heather Winters said.

Heather says medically neglected children need a lot of love and that's the main thing they crave.

"And if you are willingly to open your hearts and your home to these children. That's the main thing they come in wanting to be held and not have to worry about where their need meal is going to come from," Heather Winters said.

The Winters hope their story inspires others to become foster families or therapeutic foster families. Their compassion for foster children has already spread to Heather's mother.

"My mom actually took the placement of a 2-year-old and that was unexpected," Heather Winters said.

A heart warming addition to the foster families of East Texas.

"These children need a lot of love and stability if even for a short time," Heather Winters said.

Which is time enough to show these foster children the Gift of Love.