Historical figures may be cut from Texas school curriculum

Historical figures may be cut from Texas school curriculum

TYLER, TX (KTRE) - Many historical figures may soon be cut from the Texas school curriculum because teachers believe their students' workload is too heavy.

“John Quincy Adams, Colin Powell, Williams Jennings Bryan. Barry Goldwater, Hillary Clinton, and Helen Keller. These are all historical figures that have all been suggested for deletion from Texas curriculum," said Keven Ellis, the District 9 representative for the Texas State Board of Education. “There are about 400 individuals who are listed in our material, and they recommended that we reduce that by about 80 people, about 20 percent."

Ellis said the state legislature believed that speeding through a subject by teaching a lot of names and dates was not constructive.

“As we decrease the amount of items that they have to learn, it allows the teachers to really delve into each of the issues,” Ellis said.

Fifty educators were put into work groups, so that they could recommend what should be removed from the Texas curriculum.

“One of the work groups recommended that we do not define the defenders of the Alamo as heroic and that is one that we disagreed with,” Ellis said.

Another controversial decision made by those work groups was the choice to remove Hillary Clinton. The controversy stemmed from the fact that some people argue that Hillary Clinton is pertinent to history because she was first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major party

“It was not really a partisan issue, not even the Democrats in the groups objected to that one,” Ellis said.

Social studies, as well as language arts, mathematics, and science will all be simplified or “streamlined."

This is the first step in a two-step process to determine the set curriculum for Texas teachers. The final decision will be made in November.

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