Better East Texas: Weather Channel reporter loses trust

Once pedestrians entered his shot, Mike Seidel’s cover was blown.

Better East Texas: Weather Channel reporter loses trust

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Coverage of Hurricane Florence was impressive. Media outlets from across the nation had resources in place to bring us all coverage of the storm. One of those outlets was the Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel has a reputation for living up to their name and delivering live breaking weather coverage, so what better way to prove your brand than to go to the storm? One of the network’s top personalities is Mike Seidel, and he was on the scene in North Carolina. During one of his live cut-ins, he is seen rocking back and forth, apparently being moved by the wind. Suddenly in the background, a pair of pedestrians walk casually through the shot without being impacted by the wind. The appearance is that Seidel was overstating the impact of the wind on him, and looked to be rocking back and forth for dramatic effect.

Once the pedestrians entered the shot, Seidel’s cover was blown. The Weather Channel added insult to injury when they released a statement defending Seidel, saying he was exhausted from the continuous coverage and that he was standing on wet grass. A close look at the video shows a concrete parking lot literally two steps away from him.

TV stations work so hard to gain trust of our viewers, and one instance like this acting job can ruin that trust. It will be hard to believe anything from Mr. Seidel moving forward and that is a shame, but it was totally in his control. The Weather Channel could save a little face by some form of discipline, but even that may be too little, too late.

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