Diboll’s trip to Coldspring is personal for coach Blake Morrison

Diboll’s trip to Coldspring is personal for coach Blake Morrison
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DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - In the late 2000s, Coldspring-Oakhurst was a force to be reckoned with.

In 2010 the Trojans made it all the way to state. In 2011 they made it to the state semifinals. In 2012 and 2013 they had nine win seasons. part of the success was Blake Morrison. After the 2013 season, Morrison accepted the Diboll head coaching job and would have to build a program from the ground up.

“I’ve said 2014 was the toughest year for me,” Morrison said. “We left Coldspring with some good teams and then came here and it was three hard years”

In 2014, Morrison’s Lumberjacks lost to the Trojans 48-7. In 2015 the gap was closed but they 'Jacks still came up short, losing 28-20. Now Morrison will be heading back to Coldspring for the second time since leaving and it is a chance to be around the kids one last time.

“This is the last group that I was associated with so to speak with the seventh graders that are now seniors. Good bunch of kids. They are going to be ready to play Friday night. it is their homecoming. When we get there it is going to be business then after the game it will be personal then we can sit around and talk. We are in this thing for the W’s but when it comes down to it we are all about the Lumberjacks. Whatever happens happens.”

This year Diboll is 5-0 and clicking on all cylinders. Despite having four key injuries the team is still putting out big games. This season Diboll has outscored 187 to 41. Last week in the Lumberjacks district opener against Crockett D’aris McMillian rushed for 391-yards and two touchdowns.

“I know everyone at the beginning of the year was all talking about Herbert (Gumms) but like I said Herbert was 1A and DMac was 1B. They are both great backs. He has really stepped up with Herb’s season over due to the injury.”

With his former team on the horizon, Morrison knows he is building something special with his current team.

“Last year we were in some games but didn’t know how to finish,” Morrison said. “This year we are figuring that out. It all comes down to the work ethinc and mentality. Not just August through December but also January through July. We have to get the kids to realize this is not little league and when the season is over you go home. We have to work all the time to be better.”

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