Man in Nacogdoches owns a home made out of a chicken house.

Homeowner plans to continue adding on to the house

Man in Nacogdoches owns a home made out of a chicken house

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Here in East Texas, building a chicken house isn’t unheard of, but living in one is a different story. In Nacogdoches, there’s a family that’s doing just that.

Nichalos Barrett retired from the US Army in 2015 bought ten acres of property near his family. That property just so happened to be a chicken farm, and Barrett decided to build his house on it.

“At first I wanted a shop, and to just put a house on it or something, then we looked at it and was like well, it’s got a roof, it’s got sides on it, let’s just go ahead and build a house in it," Barrett said.

Barrett said building his home on the frame of the chicken house was a creative solution that provided a unique and affordable home for his family

“It cut off a lot of expense for us. That’s why we used this to do it.”

The house isn’t just a novelty, however. It’s a home filled with sentimental treasures and special memories. Barrett’s wife, Donna, said that the house is decorated using several family heirlooms and that it reminds her of when their family helped build the house last year.

Mr. Barrett says he and his family are continuing to add on to their house and that they enjoy the outdoor lifestyle their home has provided for them.

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