Douglass boy’s act of kindness for fallen NCSO deputy’s family inspires community

A Douglass fifth grader is providing a lesson of generosity which serves all ages

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - In the midst of all the sadness in the wake of Brad Jimmerson’s tragic death in the line of duty, a Douglass ISD 5th grader with a big heart provided a ray of sunshine to the beloved deputy’s friends at the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office.

“This past week has been the toughest days in my law enforcement career,” Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges said in a Facebook post on the NCSO page. “I have never been prouder of my community and for everything we stand for. As we have done many times in the past, I have seen our community rally together and support law enforcement.”

In the post, Bridges said he went to the annual Piney Woods Premium Sale on Saturday. While he was there, Skeet Adams, a fifth grader who attends Douglass ISD made what Bridges described as an “extraordinary gesture.”

Bridges said Skeet went to his parents and told them he wanted to donate all of the proceeds of his sale to Brad Jimmerson’s family.

“Well, Skeet made the sale and was in Lot 64 for his show animal, a rabbit that he had spent several months getting ready for the show,” Bridges said in the post. “Recognizing what a kind and moving gesture Skeet was doing, the auctioneer took the cap off the bid process. Everyone there started bidding on it.”

Bridges said before long, the highest bid was up to almost $5,000. He added that everyone in the auction barn started adding money to the final sale price. He added that it was an amazing experience because it happened in “just a few short minutes.”

“During those moments, business owners and citizens of our community donated $11,600 to Deputy Jimmerson’s family,” Bridges said in the post. “I was later told that several other kids were very moved by the experience and also wanted to donate part of their proceeds as well.”

Bridges said he, the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office, and the Jimmerson family are deeply grateful for the outpouring of love and support they have received.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges stands with Skeet Adams. (Source: Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office Facebook)
Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges stands with Skeet Adams. (Source: Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office Facebook) (Source: Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office)

“It is an honor to serve you, and I know Deputy Jimmerson would be proud of his community that he served and loved,” Bridges said in the post. ‘Thank you for honoring a great man.”

Bridges said in the post that the flags at the sheriff’s office will continue to fly at half-staff in honor of Jimmerson until Friday at 9 a.m.

“During that time, we will have a small ceremony and raise flags in his honor,” Bridges said in the post. “We ask that if you have a flag pole that you will continue them at half-mast in his honor until Friday.”

Earlier in the post, Bridges said that more than 3,200 people attended Jimmerson’s funeral.

“The amount of people lined up along the streets to the cemetery was overwhelming,” Bridges said in the post. “Police officers from all over the United States came to pay their respects.”

Bridges said several days after Jimmerson’s funeral, the sheriff’s office hosted a fundraiser for 10-year-old Kaedyn Nelson, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“Every business we called and requested donations for the event went above and beyond with no hesitation,” Bridges said in the post. “Our community once again rallied and came out and supported this child. We raised over $8,900 dollars in one day.”

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