Nacogdoches County roads holding up despite rain

Summer road repairs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Dry weather and money are two requirements for summer road repairs by county governments. Nacogdoches County had both. This explains in part why there are no road closures so far this rainy week.

Road material sits in piles at the Nacogdoches County Road and Bridge maintenance yard. Fortunately, little was needed after Monday night and Tuesday mornin’s rain. Instead, the road toppings were used in abundance this summer, all in preparation for the kind of inclimate weather seen this time of year.

“We've done a lot of oil, some seal coats, and we've done a lot of rock,” said Jerry Don Williamson, Nacogdoches County commissioner for Pct. 1. “We've just done a lot. This has been the first year in about five years we've actually got some work on the roads."

There were no unexpected hurricanes this summer. There were no material shortages. The work season brought opportunity, benefiting residents who travel the freshly topped roads.

“We put some extra money back in the budget, shifted it around a bit to pay for more road material,” explained Pct. 3 County Commissioner Robin Dawley. “And they took advantage of it when they had good weather. Those road crews were working dawn to dusk, and it’s paid off.”

With over 800 miles of Nacogdoches County roads, there will always be some roads in need of repairs. Large 18-wheelers serving poultry houses and some gas fields cause ruts and drainage issues faster than crews can make repairs.

“We can fix the road, and in three months time it can be all to pieces again," Williamson said.

The work season is over, but the cooler months will be used for crews to clean out ditches. And if mild weather returns, headway can be made on the more permanent repairs.

In September alone, Nacogdoches County spent over a quarter of a million dollars on blading, patching, mowing, spraying, and topping roadways.

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