Lufkin minister brings his love for the Astros to the pulpit

Lufkin minister brings his love for the Astros to the pulpit

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Millions of people tuned in late Tuesday afternoon to watch the American League Championship Series game between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox.

One of those people is Rector Ralph Morgan of Lufkin’s St.Cyprian’s Episcopal Church. Morgan grew up in Houston and from the time is was a child have a love for the game.

“I loved baseball as a kid,” Morgan said. “I was always playing as a kid. It was just the best thing to do.”

Since he was a kid, the Astros have been his favorite team. Last year, Morgan was able to go to two games of the World Series.

“Well the Astros won the first game I went to and they lost the second on but it is okay,” Morgan said. “We all know how it turned out.”

Every Sunday, Morgan gets up and gets ready to go serve his parishioners. His routine is gathering all of his essential items. This past Sunday he decided to change things up. Instead of a more traditional stool, a scarf-like garment that priests wear, he chose a special one.

“Last year my wife had a Houston Astros one made and given to me for Christmas,” Morgan said. “I tried it on in spring training but I decided I would not wear it until the Astros got to the playoffs so last Sunday I decided it was time.”

So Morgan walked into the chapel at the church and showed off his love for his faith and favorite team.

“I got a lot of support,” Morgan said. “My congregation knows my love for baseball and shows support for me. Even though there are a few [Texas] Rangers fans around, they are very tolerant and understanding.”

Morgan does not want his message to get lost in what he did. For him it was a way to show support for some thing that has brought him and his hometown joy over the last year. In no way was it to win favor from a higher being.

“I did it to show my support,” Morgan said. ""I don’t pray for the Astros to win. I don’t believe in that because I do not think God chooses between sides because he wants everyone to have fun and be safe. I pray that everyone does well.

Game three did not go the Astros way, with the Redsox having a 5-run 8th inning to get the 8-2 win.

“I pull for my team 100 percent even when they are not doing so well.”

Morgan will not be watching game four on television. Thanks to his friend that got him tickets to last year’s World Series, Morgan will be sitting in the seats at Minute Maid Park, cheering for his favorite team.

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