Dozens of children take part in youth rodeo for 6 and under in Lufkin

Dozens of children take part in youth rodeo for 6 and under in Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Usually older students take part in rodeo competitions, butt the Piney Woods Youth Rodeo Association encourages kids 6 and under to take part in rodeo competitions.

The organization said its all in part to help them children enjoy the rodeo techniques before the pressure mounts.

“I like it because you get to ride horses fast,” said Dallee Delafosse, a 7-year-old taking part in the age seven and up group.

Parents say these are foundational life skills children learn outside the classroom.

“He loves it. And that’s all they want to do. We tried to get him to play baseball but they like horses,” said KC Holdman, a parent from Jacksonville whose child took part in the six and under rodeo.

Both of Emily Delafosse’s kids have participated since the age of three.

“They have to tend to something that’s theirs and take care of it at a young age and rodeo is great,” Emily said.

Her daughter is now competing in the age 7 and up group and said like with all competitions, there ares at challenges, but its about encouraging your children to get up and try again.

“You’ve really got to prepare at home before you come to a rodeo and think that you’re going to jump out there and do perfect,” Emily said. “And they have lots of up and downs. And we get not time some times and you just take that what you did wrong back to the practice pen and you try your best to correct it and come back to do your best.”

The organization will have it’s next rodeo for 6 and under during the first weekend in November.

“This is where you learn. I mean this is where it all starts. Out here that’s the whole point,” said Cristin Crofford, director of the Pineywoods Youth Rodeo Association. “We have a non competitive 6 and under group and in the big arena they started 6 and under competitive group because there are some kids that are under the age of 6 and they are just more competitive. They are ready for the next step.”

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