Lufkin teachers promote long-term benefits of cursive handwriting

State standards for cursive will be changing in upcoming school year
Updated: Oct. 22, 2018 at 5:56 PM CDT
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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Though some schools no longer teach cursive handwriting, Lufkin fifth grade students Rodrigo Santos and Trinitie Reese say they actually prefer writing in cursive.

“Because it helps me spell better than my print, (be)cause it’s all sluggish and bad,” Santos said.

Rodrigo Santos shows off his cursive hand writing.
Rodrigo Santos shows off his cursive hand writing.

His classmate Reese said other students should also have the opportunity to be familiar with cursive.

“I think other students should learn cursive because what if you need to write in cursive, what if you have to do a report and you never learned cursive? Then you’ll just be lost," Reese said.

State standards for cursive will be changing for the upcoming school year. Current state standards require third graders to learn cursive, but starting next school year, second, fourth and fifth grade students will also be required to learn cursive.

“I think learning cursive is an art that all of us need,” said Amy Fain, principal of Anderson Elementary. “Its extremely valuable for later on in life which we’re trying to instill in these kids, the future.”

Over in the classroom down the hall, Beth Carr is a literacy interventionist. She teaches skills to children with dyslexia and helps them in their reading and writing comprehension. In her experience she’s found cursive hand writing to help children bridge the flow of thought better.

“They remember words better. And can spell better when they’re writing that flow,” Carr said. “You know the pencil’s not starting and stopping and picking up. It’s a constant flow of text. And it’s very similar, if you think about with reading, we’re blending sounds, so when you’re writing and connecting those letters and blend, it just helps that brain flow.”

Carr also said learning cursive helps strength fine motor skills, activates different parts of the brain, and it’s faster when putting pen to paper.

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