BET: Migrant Caravan, porous borders

BET: Migrant Caravan, Porous Borders

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - No one seems to have an answer in addressing the migrant caravan of several thousand people seeking asylum in the U.S. The group started in Central America and is now in the middle of Mexico, trying to make it to the border of the U.S., most likely along the Texas border.

President Trump has threatened to use U.S. troops to control the group if they try to cross. There are a few things you can bet on – first of all, this will quickly become Mexico’s problem. The Mexicans are already trying to coerce members of the group that, again, numbers in the thousands to reconsider their mission. Because you can probably rest assured that the U.S. border will be stronger when they arrive than it is now, and it may take the military to assist.

If Mexico cannot affect the group, then it quickly becomes a humanitarian issue and people get sick and die. Next thing that is for sure, some of these immigrants will make it into the country, so the federal government must have a way to process these people – while keeping families together. If not, this quickly becomes a political and humanitarian issue.

So, while it is proper for America to take in asylum seekers, we cannot have a porous border that providers no registration, no accountability, no control measures that make this type of even possible.

Finally, the U.N. needs to get to Honduras, El Salvador and other Central American countries that are troubled. Without attacking this at the source, this migrant caravan will be the first of many, and that is an issue no one wants.

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