Solar panel, renewable energy discussion to take place in North Lufkin

Solar panel, renewable energy discussion to take place in North Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The non-profit organization Impact Lufkin plans to host a community talk on renewable energy.

The organization is in the early planning stages, but is getting input from the community about using alternative energy sources to power the 170-acre land purchase they made in September.

“We are looking at a possibility to bringing solar panels to North Lufkin,” said Robert Shankle, president of Impact Lufkin.

Shankle said their purpose is to give back to the community. One of the reasons for that is that moving in this direction involves saving money, all the while maximizing the usage of free energy.

“It’s on the cutting edge and we want to pass the saving along to residents, to the tenants,” Shankle said. “Now as far as commercial...All of that could be on the solar grid and you would have a lower rate of energy and payment.”

Kent Brown is with Solar Techs, a Lufkin company which specializes in solar panels. He explains how the solar panels help save more than a few dollars in your pocket.

“A 10K or 10 thousand kilowatt system can reduce your electricity bill anywhere from $75 to $150 a month,” Brown said.

Solar panels work by absorbing the energy provided by the sun. It then, harvest that energy and can put on a grid similar to 40-panel system installed in Downtown Lufkin.

Brown said it all has to do with how the person consumes the amount of energy.

“We generally see here in East Texas a couple of 6 to 8 weeks, sometimes up to 10 weeks,” Brown said, "where we’re not running the AC, we’re not having to use electric heat or for gas, and so you’re getting a lot more feedback.”

Impact Lufkin said, ultimately, the community makes the decision on whether to go with renewable energy or use traditional methods.

The community talk is coming up next Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Impact Lufkin building, located at 1221 Abney Street.

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