Nacogdoches HS annual band BBQ prep work begins

Nacogdoches HS annual band BBQ prep work begins

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It’s prep week leading up to the annual Nacogdoches High School Band Barbecue.

The annual event is organized the high school’s booster club.

Money raised from the BBQ will go towards the band’s competition trip to San Antonio, a trip that didn’t happen last year.

“My freshman year about three years ago, we went to Hawaii and so that was a really big trip, we raised a lot of money including our barbecue to get the money to go to Hawaii,” said Sarah Hutchison, a senior who recalls her last trip.

She and Xan Levya, senior, are working hard to make this year’s trip to San Antonio a reality.

Vice President Donna Dear with the high school’s booster club said they’re getting ready to cook more than 3,000 pounds of barbecue.

“It’s to raise money. This year their money is going toward a trip,” Dear said. “Every other year they go on a trip, one year is a trip, the next year is a banquet and due to unforeseen circumstances they weren’t able to do a trip last year.”

The two seniors said this is home stretch to make all their years of practice to a step closer to the competition in San Antonio

“Well for me and Xan this is our last year here and we’re going to spring after our last band competition so it’s kind of going to be like a reward of all these years of hard work,” Hutchison said.

Dear said it’s a tradition has is closing in on almost two decades.

“Well I’ve learned, living here in Nacogdoches, that tradition is really important and it’s been always a good thing and a lot of people in the community when you mention band BBQ,” Dear said. “For them, their trip is a $110,00 and we’re trying to raise half of that for the band to offset the cost for the students.”

So far, students have sold more than 3,000 tickets. They have about 2,000 more to sell for the BBQ dinner on Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. at the high school’s cafeteria. A drive-thru service has also been set up.

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets is asked to call the band hall at 936-564-2466, ext 2293.

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