Ride to the polls in Nacogdoches caters to important demographic

Ride to the polls in Nacogdoches caters to important demographic

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - SFA student Jeffery Agouna stood by an SFA van shouting, “Free rides to the polls.” The student body president is into politics, but he knows it’s not a thing with most of his peers

"Voter suppression has been very high especially within the minority community and especially with the students."

First, there was an intense voter registration drive. Next a push to early vote. Finally, it’s making sure everyone who hasn’t voted and can make it to the correct polling location.

Sharon Ninness helps a student learn that Calgary Baptist Church is her voting spot.

Which is a ten-minute drive or a three and a half mile walk from campus. That’s not counting fighting traffic and then trying to find a parking spot upon return. All that hassle makes driving to the polls a pretty good offer.

Agouna stops at the closest polling spot to most SFA students at North Street Church of Christ.

"Make sure everyone has their voter id's," he reminds his passengers.

"And I will be out here waiting for you all once you are thru."

It's a wait designed to achieve an important goal.

"Our mission is to get numbers out of the roof," said Agouna.

According to the Washington Post, based on Pew research, millennials' interest in the midterm election is up 16 points compared with 2014. Their participation could shape this election and more to come.

SFA student Nina Potter plans to make her vote today the first of many more to come.

“Sometimes as a young student I feel like our voice isn't heard, so voting is the way to get that out."

SFA’s Student Government Association plans to continue the lobby for a polling spot closer or even on campus for future elections.

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