Army veteran in Nacogdoches grows massive pumpkin patch

Vet says patch is about 50 feet wide and 200 feet long

Army veteran in Nacogdoches grows massive pumpkin patch

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Not one to have idle hands, retired army veteran Nicholas Barrett has spent the last several months planting a garden that has grown to an impressive size. As the fall season drew closer, Barrett began planting to harvest a new crop: pumpkins.

This garden is just one of Barrett’s projects. He says he’s tried to keep himself busy ever since he retired from the Army after 19 years of service and four deployments in Iraq.

“I can’t stand still; I like to keep going and get stuff done and work on a lot of different things,” Barrett said. “When I retired, I wanted to come back home and, you know, find a place here and be with my family and stuff like that. Get my kids out of the city and raise them in the country, you know like I was.”

Barrett said the rich soil from their chicken farm is the cause of the rapid growth of the pumpkins.

“Over the years, it just accumulated and it’s really rich, rich soil and it, you know, had good success with it,” Barrett said.

While it takes hard work to maintain the garden, it’s a chore that Barrett says he enjoys.

“I like doing it, it’s fun, and plus, you don’t have to go to the store to buy your stuff. You can go straight from your garden to your kitchen and eat it, and it tastes a whole lot better,” Barrett said.

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