Heroes Flight Day 2: Veterans arrive at World War II Monument to cheers, applause

Heroes Flight Day 2: Veterans arrive at World War II Monument to cheers, applause
A group of WWII and Korean War veterans in Washington, D.C., as part of the Heroes Flight visited the World War II Memorial Friday. (Source: KLTV Staff)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KLTV) - It was a trip of a lifetime to see the monument that pays tribute to a defining moment in American history.

Today, a group of more than 20 World War II and Korean War veterans stood in awe at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. The visit to the monument came on Day 2 of Brookshire’s latest Hero Flight.

It was an emotional day for many of our heroes, especially those who served in World War II as they had the opportunity to visit their memorial. It’s a place that pays tribute to the reason we call these men heroes.

After they arrived to applause and thank yous from a group of Virginia middle school students, a cold rain did not stop these veterans from seeing the memorial of the war they fought in.

A color guard made up of all branches of the military came as a surprise to the vets, including Army veteran Truett Huffstutler from Holly Lake Ranch, who was seeing the World War II Memorial for the first time.

“Well, it’s something that I thought I’d never see,” Huffstutler said. “It’s unusual, isn’t it? And it’s larger than most of them. And it should be. Yes, that’s the largest war. Hasn’t it been? So, it’s unusual.”

Huffstutler was impressed by the singing of the national anthem by Tyler’s Allison Hull. She was happy to show her appreciation as were many complete strangers everywhere they went.

“I’ve been amazed. We really have,” Huffstutler said. “And all these kids around, and it’s amazing that they turn out like this. And it’s been at every stop that we’ve been to. The motel and all the memorials and everywhere you look. That’s where they are.”

He is a man who has traveled the world many times, but he said there’s no place like the land of the free.

“We’re living in a great country,” Huffstutler said. “It’s always good to be back here.”

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