‘Forgotten War’ veterans honored in San Augustine

‘Forgotten War’ veterans honored in San Augustine

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - Two veteran-based organizations in San Augustine County showcased a special program on Sunday all in efforts in particular to honor and remember the veterans of who served in the Korean War.

“It is much nice to honor somebody while they are still living,” said Art Bedford, Commander for the American Legion Post 387.

Year after year the number veterans from the Korean War is reduced said Bedford.

Bedford and VFW Post 9313 said they wanted to focus this year on the Korean War veterans before it was too late.

“Most people don’t have about Korea, about that war. That horrible war it was. So that was our way of showing the public exactly what Korea was like and to honor our Korean vets,” Bedford said.

In 1952 and 1953 Raymond Neal served in the Korean War.

“Recalled a lot of things in my mind,” Neal said as he watched the program.

Neal said ceremony brought back tough memories that took him at least two decades to forget.

“Like I said 20 years or so after the war, it was tough but I finally outgrowed it,” Neal said.

In the United States, the Korean War is often referred as the Forgotten War because of lack of public attention is received both during the war and afterwards This in relation to attention on a global scale WW2 received just years before and subsequently Vietnam War received years later.

“All wars and conflicts are brutal, they’re terrible. War is truly hell,” Bedford said. “But the brave men and women who fought in those wars need to be recognized by the people they are serving and saving.”

The Korean War started in June of 1950 and ended in July of 1953.

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