Some turning to Daith piercing for migraine relief

Daith Piercing

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) -More than 60 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraine pain, two-thirds of which are women. Many will do whatever it takes to rid themselves of the pain, including piercing their daith.

Advocates claim a daith piercing, which is a a piercing of the inner ear cartilage, disrupts part of deliberating migraines.

Since she was a young child, Casey Jones has battled deliberating migraines. For years, she was a prisoner of her own life.

“You just want to be in a dark room, no sound, no light, they don’t go away," said Jones.

She said she has tried different techniques and medications, and nothing worked.

“They just kind of have to go away on their own and it’s just like a vise on your head just pressure constantly.”

There is an endless search for solutions when it comes to migraines.

“Right now, I can feel there’s some pressure there cause it’s a new piercing, but it doesn’t hurt near like a migraine does so it’s worth it," said Jones.

The piercing is only $25 and takes just a few seconds.

“It’s a cost-effective way to relieve the pain that you’re in every single day for those who do have ongoing migraines weeks at a time. “

Kelly Kirkland is the owner of Kelly’s Tattoos in Tyler. He began offering the popular piercing in response to an overwhelming demand by migraine sufferers.

“We probably get 10-15 a day. It really is a popular piercing to do,” said Kirkland.

He says this piercing has given him a new purpose.

“From 85-year-olds that have been suffering all their life and on the verge of just ending everything because it’s just so much tremendous pain and watching this turn off for them it’s just unbelievable.”

There has been no medical research for clinical trials done to back up the theory that the piercing works. Even so, many migraine sufferers seem to swear by its success, making it quite a popular technique to try.

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