How East Texan pre-schoolers stay active as new federal guidelines go into effect

How East Texan pre-schoolers stay active as new federal guidelines go into effect

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The federal government is now upgrading their guidelines for physical activity.

The guidelines are put in place to help fight the low levels of activity among Americans and the drastic costs of health care.

But among the new guidelines also includes guidance for children and young adults.

“It is so important at this age to get them use to doing something active,” said Shannon Cockrell, director of the Pineywoods Preschool.

Cockrell said whether it’s dancing to jumping, staying active is important not only for health, but also getting children into a habit of physical activity.

“If you don’t start young, you don’t get into a routine. Once we get these kids doing something, we do it everyday,” Cockrell said. “Some of them thrive on routine, some of them don’t care for it but they have adjusted to it that they understand you’ve got to do something every day.”

In fact, it’s the first time since a decade the Department of Health and Human services issued new guidelines.

“The basic concept is that physical activity improves the health,” said Dr. Ravinder Bachireddy, a cardiologist.

This time they have added recommendations which include pre-schoolers and updated guidelines for children 6 and up.

“It gives a lot of importance to movement for anyone. That means a child or an adolescent or an adult,” Bachireddy said.

Bachireddy practices at the Heart Institute of East Texas and said the new recommendations are setup to fight obesity and low activity among Americans. The consequences of both add up to nearly $117 billion dollars in annual healthcare costs according to HHS.

“Sitting for long periods of time is like, the risk is as good as smoking. So that’s why you need to get moving,” Bachireddy said.

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