Angelina College brings ‘Guys and Dolls’ to the stage

Cast includes college alumni and community members

Angelina College brings ‘Guys and Dolls’ to the stage

LUFKIN (KTRE) - Call it sad, call it funny, but it’s better than even money. “Guys and Dolls,” a classic Broadway musical, is coming to Lufkin as a part of Angelina College’s 50th anniversary anniversary celebration.

“This whole entire season that we have is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Angelina College,” said director Andrew Reed. "We came across “Guys and Dolls,” and it was a perfect fit to involve community, involve alumni, and great roles for our students.”

According to faculty, this is one of the largest productions put on by the college in several years. Due to the size of the show, Reed said the department received help from community members and college alumni to assemble the cast and crew.

“We’ve partnered with the Angelina Community Theatre," Reed said. "We would not have been able to do this production without them.”

One of those community members is Hannah Young, who plays one of the leads. She said the experience of playing Sarah Brown in this production has been a dream come true.

“It became a bucket list character for me to play,” Young said. " I’ve always wanted to play her, and she’s such a unique character. She goes through so many different changes."

Former students have played a big role in the production as well. Ben Reynolds, an Angelina College alum of 16 years, said the working with students and community members has been an enjoyable experience.

“It’s been fun. You get a variety of different ages and heights and characteristics,” Reynolds said.

Reed said it’s this diversity of cast members that will make “Guys and Dolls” a show not to be missed.

“This is a wonderful cast. Everyone has put in so much work, and it’s probably one of the most talented casts that I’ve worked with,” Reed said.

“Guys and Dolls” runs tomorrow night through Saturday. Performances are at 6:30 p.m. at the Temple Theatre on the Angelina College campus.

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