Holiday in the Pines benefits community service projects like Thrive 2:7

Holiday in the Pines benefits community service projects like Thrive 2:7

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches Junior Forum members are celebrating a return to the Fredonia Hotel.

The one-night, two-day shopping extravaganza is the organization’s only fundraiser to help support multiple community service projects.

Thrive 2:7 is one of the newest community service projects sponsored by the Nacogdoches Junior Forum.

The Christian Women's Job Corp (CWJC) in Nacogdoches has always offered job and life skills to adults.

Now a pilot ministry called, Thrive 2:7 is designed especially for teens. Church youth groups take turns hosting the classes.

"Not only is it offering an excellent course curriculum for the youth, but it also gives them an opportunity to grow their youth programs," explained CWJC executive director Helen Stevenson.

Instruction comes from pastors and youth leaders from at a selected church. The winter class is ending and planning is underway for a spring class.

NorthPointe Church eagerly volunteered for the last session.

Instructor Noelle Huether explained, “Being faith-based, we have a section that is for devotion and what scripture says and time to have open discussion.”

“We dealt with money. We dealt with debt," said Rev. Lila Clay, the pastor of NorthPointe Church. "We dealt with conflict resolution.”

"I love their teaching styles," shared Thrive student Kelsey Price of Nacogdoches.

Personality and career questionnaires show participants their strengths. In turn, it can give them the confidence they’ll need as young adults.

“With the career, I got like a church worker, which I work in my church’s nursery with the kids,” said Thrive student Lindsey Nichols of Martinsville.

"I personally think I have amazing leadership skills. I am very open minded," said Price who operates her own engraving business.

Developed leadership is how Nacogdoches Junior Forum pulls off Holiday in the Pines. It's the only fundraiser that financially supports so many community programs, according to Holiday In the Pines spokesperson, Maura Messer.

“We provide scholarships and we also provide a grant application process to local non-profits that fit our mission of helping Nacogdoches community women and children,” Messer said.

Christian Women’s Job Corps and Thrive 2:7 will have its graduation ceremony Friday at 6:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Nacogdoches.

Holiday in the Pines will be open Friday and Saturday at Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches.

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