Repairs close to complete for Nigton church after driver caused damages

Repairs Nearly Complete For Nigton Church

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - Members of an East Texas church are adding the final touches, just in time for the holidays.

In July, their church in the town of Nigton endured a lot of damage after a driver didn’t stop at the stop sign and crashed through the front door.

At the moment, the small congregation at the Ligon Chapel CME Church has been using a temporary trailer to conduct their sermons.

“We still serving God, you know, regardless whether you serve him in a two-room shack or a mega-building,” said Pastor Edwin Dean.

He said members had to make do with the fellowship hall behind the church while repairs are made at the front of the 100-year-old congregation.

Stewardess and lifelong member Vernelle Spencer describes what unfolded back on the hot summer’s day.

“Drove from here to the stop sign which is quite a ways and pulled off the front of the church,” Spencer said.

Officials said a 31-year-old driver failed to stop at a stop sign and knocked down the church bell tower and bathrooms.

“When you’re dealing with a church over a hundred years old and it takes the blow that this one took you run up on things that really wasn’t expectant,” Spencer said.

Church leaders said the driver caused about $30,000 worth in damages but the repairs cost close to $40,000.

As a result, they're making funding raising efforts to raise $6,600 more dollars to make their church what it once was.

Dean said they continue to focus on seeing the positive.

“Just blessed by God, you know and just take one day at a time,” Dean said.

Church leaders said repairs to the new addition of the church should be complete by Christmas.

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