Lufkin doctor: Kids who don’t get flu shots at greater risk of complications

Lufkin doctor: Kids who don’t get flu shots at greater risk of complications

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The flu season is here, and medical experts say they see a spike in flu cases just after the Thanksgiving holiday.

A recent study shows 34 percent of parents surveyed say their children have not had the flu vaccine. Just last year, 180 children died from the flu.

“I’m 22 years old, so I do not belong here (at the Children’s Clinic of Lufkin), but I come back every year to get my flu shot and other vaccines through my dad,” said Reed Glass, a patient.

Reed Glass may have outgrown his visits to the Children’s Clinic of Lufkin, but his dad just happens to be Dr. Jeff Glass, a pediatrician

Reed Glass said it’s a nice feeling to have a dad as a pediatrician when it comes to getting a flu shot. It’s lesson he learned the hard way as an adult.

“There was actually one year that I didn’t get the flu shot, my sophomore year of college,” Reed Glas ssaid. “And that year I got the flu and then got strep because my immune system was so low, I guess, and that was a very miserable time. That was the one year I didn’t get the flu shot, and I won’t ever do that again.”

The holiday season comes an increase in the number of flu cases say medical experts.

“Usually starts out right here during the holidays because everyone is together, everyone’s coming,” Jeff Glass said. “You’re going to go to grandma’s house even if you’re sick or not because you want that food. And so everyone gets together; everyone spreads these things.”

Just this week, a poll conducted by a children’s hospital in Michigan shows people may not be heeding the warning.

“There was a report this week that 34 percent of parents don’t plan on getting their kid the flu vaccine this year,” Jeff Glass said. “This was a big surprise to me because in our practice, we give thousands of flu vaccines, and most of our patients do accept our flu vaccine.”

Jeff Glass said kids who don’t get the flu vaccine are at greater risk for serious complications.

“Part of that report that stated that many parents weren’t planning on vaccinating their children this year,” Jeff Glass explains. “(It) said that 20 percent of the people didn’t remember their doctor even recommending the flu vaccine, and that’s really disappointing and that’s a reflection on us. Here at the Children’s Clinic, we recommend the flu vaccine every day.”

Centers for Disease Control guidelines state that everyone six months and older should get a flu vaccine every season.

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