Blessings with Blankets: Huntington family collects to give to the elderly

Blessings with Blankets: Huntington family collects to give to the elderly

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - This is the season of giving back, especially to those in need. That is exactly what a Huntington woman and her family are doing.

“We were on our way to school and all three girls were in the car,” said Crystal Goleman, organizer.

Blankets with Blessings is an idea that Goleman and her three daughters came up with on their way to school one morning just a year ago.

“The spot here at Crown Colony alone, we’ve gotten over 30. I mean just this one location has more than we had last year,” Goleman said.

Each of those blankets then get attached with a bible verse.

“In the mornings, I do a little bible reading and this one just came to me,” Goleman said.

This is all in efforts to pass the blankets to the elderly in nursing homes. During winter, Huntington Health Care Administrator Kyle Sipes said they need the extra warmth.

“Being it Christmas time, here they are stuck in circumstances that nobody would want to be in,” Sipes said. “And then somebody went into all that trouble and effort to make it a blanket and it also had the scriptures and stuff on it, very thoughtful, very meaningful.”

Sipes saw crystal and her three daughters deliver the blankets last year.

Crystal and her family and continue to collect blankets this season all to see that smile on the faces of those in the nursing home.

“You can tell that some of them hadn’t had visitors in a while,” Goleman said. “So just coming and speaking to them, you could tell they were so happy and welcoming. And then to get a blanket on top of that, it just made their day.”

The last day to donate is December 10. If you’re interested in donating blankets, there are 9 locations across Lufkin:

  • Crown Colony Country Club
  • Kris King Farmers Agency 
  • Bentley A/C
  • Logan’s
  • The Hip Hicks Boutique 
  • Lufkin Dealers Auto Auction
  • The Big Picture Event Planning & Rentals
  • The Wayward Rose
  • Firestone on Timberland

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