Nacogdoches senseis study art of Aikido in Japan

Nacogdoches senseis study art of Aikido in Japan

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Recently four senseis in Nacogdoches were able to take the trip of a lifetime that too them around the world to Japan.

Chief instructor Robert Cheshire of the Aikido training group in Nacogdoches, along with three other instructors recently arirved home from a trip in Japan where they learned with around 100 other people the finer points of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido.

“The style was created by Master Mochizuki,” Cheshire said. “It takes on several ;forms of other Japanese martial arts and what makes it unique is that it does not focus on strength. It is more about leverage and using your body weight in movements to do they right form. We use it as a way to help people learn self defense. it is a way to handle a situation without hurting yourself or the other person and controlling the incident until help arrives.”

The four instructors from the Nacogdoches training center were able to learn from direct decedents of Mochizuki.

“I had a daughter taking classes here and I became interested,” Brent Gotcher said. “When I had the chance to go to Japan there was no second guessing that I was going. The interesting thing to me was meeting people from all over the world and seeing their different takes on the different style and techniques we use.”

Each person that went shared the same thoughts.

To me it was abut the history and heritage about being in the same building that our creator was in and the building that was home to the people that taught us."

the four men that came back continue to share what they have learned to the children that take part in the classes. The form of Aikido they practice is perfect for anti-bullying and self defense with the smaller children.

“Mochizuki, the man that started our style . said a teacher is just a student who teaches to keep learning,” Gotcher said. "The more I am doing this the more I start to see the little nuances.

For more information on the group, visit here.

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