Nacogdoches CVB: Hotel Fredonia ‘a stunning example of community revitalization’

Nacogdoches CVB: Hotel Fredonia ‘a stunning example of community revitalization’

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau presents its annual marketing plan to Nacogdoches City Council Tuesday night.

It's the first since the re-opening of the Fredonia Hotel just over a year ago. After a change of ownership, the 63-year old hotel underwent an extensive renovation. The CVB knows the luxury hotel attracted at least some of the 12,000 walk-in guests to the CVB.

Nacogdoches CVB director Sherry Morgan called the hotel, “a stunning example of community revitalization.”

They’ve been nothing but an asset to us here in the visitor’s center and to this community, as well," Morgan said.

The Fredonia Hotel’s projections of sales of over $4 million and an annual payroll of over $1.5 million dollars were surpassed. The marketing team knows its potential customers.

One of two Fredonia Hotel managers, Bud DeWitt said focus groups include, “some of the families of college kids at SFA."

“People just traveling and wanting to see historical hotels,” Dewitt said. "And I would say, anywhere between the 35 and older is where we try to market the most.”

There was a concern the hotel could take business away from existing overnight services, such as bed and breakfast inns and Air B&B’s.

“Those are our properties that saw a slight hit, but by all indications at this point, they’ve started to recover,” Morgan said.

According to Morgan, hotel occupancy across Nacogdoches is up six percent. Chain motels held their own.

“You have those travelers that are brand loyal, so they can continue on and build up their points,” Morgan explained.

Areas for growth include literature at regional CVB's to help meet another goal.

“To position ourselves as a hub and spoke, so we can get the hotel stays,” Morgan said.

The Fredonia Hotel's goal is to offer elements that will keep guests coming back.

“We are never really satisfied. We are just trying to do more than we did last time and work harder and try harder to get better,” DeWitt said.

Both hosts will continue using social media marketing with target markets outside of Deep East Texas being Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

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