‘Grinch’ steals Lufkin woman’s Christmas decorations

“I forgive you and may God bless you,” woman says

‘Grinch’ steals Lufkin woman’s Christmas decorations

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin police are looking for the so-called “Grinch” responsible for stealing Christmas decorations from the front porch of a home. The theft victim said her decorations may be gone, but she isn’t letting anyone steal her Christmas spirit.

“The person that took my Christmas presents – the lights, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year,” said theft victim Diane McQueen.

McQueen’s porch is now empty, holiday decorations stolen in the middle of the night on Wednesday.

“You know I plug it in at night so it can be pretty out here," McQueen said.

The Christmas decorations were stolen from the porch of the Inez Tims Senior Living on Chestnut Drive.

“I was checking the back porch because it had been quite breezy, to make sure the boxes hadn’t blown away, and the boxes was gone,” McQueen said.

The decorations are shaped liked Christmas presents covered with lights. McQueen says she is grateful that nothing else was stolen.

“That did put a great damper on my Christmas spirit, so I said okay, maybe they need them more than I do, or maybe my lights were bothering them, I don’t know,” McQueen said.

While they didn’t cost a lot of money, McQueen says the decorations held sentimental value.

“I know that the value is not over thirty bucks, but they’re like ten years old, give or take, so it meant something to me to have them," McQueen said.

Even so, she wished Christmas blessings for whoever took them.

“I forgive you and may God bless you," McQueen said.

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