First Christian Church hosts drive thru living nativity

First Christian Church Hosts Drive Thru Living Nativity

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - What was once a long-standing tradition and after receiving requests from the community, First Christian Church decided to bring back their Drive-Thru Living Nativity where people can drive through and see different Christmas scenes.

“'Well, I grew up in this church and I was born into the church basically we had a minister that wanted to do this and so we thought well let’s try it,” said Mary Carol Grimes, Co-Chair of the Drive-Thru Nativity.

The idea is to bring Christ’s birth to life by using live people and scenes and making it convenient for people to experience.

"This is an easy way for folks to come and drive through and stay in the warmth of their car and their family and get to experience some of the scenes of what’s important to us at this season,” said Jennifer Steele-Lantis, Associate Minister of First Christian Church.

Grimes is the co-chair of the event this year and says seeing other families excitement from the Nativity is the most rewarding part.

"Especially if you are part of a scene where people can talk to and they’ll say oh my kids did this when they were little and I’m so excited that you all did it again we just love it,” said Grimes.

Those in the congregation also get to play a role in helping set up of the nativity which is very important.

“We get our young men and some older men to help us put up the sets and take them down,” said Grimes.

As people drive through they will get to see a family at home, Santa and receive candy canes but Grimes says their ultimate goal is to remind people of the reason for the season.

"And just to be in the moment of really this is the reason we’re here is because of Jesus birthday and we want to celebrate that,” she said.

You can visit the free Drive-Thru Living Nativity at First Christian Church on December 10th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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