Huntington Christmas lights stolen for second year

Police officials using home security video to identify suspect

Huntington Christmas lights stolen for second year

Huntington, TX (KTRE) - We’re learning more on the stolen Christmas lights reportedly swiped from Centennial Park in Huntington. According to law enforcement, this is the second year these lights have been stolen, though they don’t know if the two crimes are connected.

The lights used to decorate the park are provided by the Huntington Business Owners Association. They decorate the park yearly for the community to enjoy. Huntington police say they’re trying to identify who took the lights using video from a home security camera owned by a nearby resident.

“The neighbor across the street actually does have cameras pointing towards the direction where the lights were taken from," said Huntington Police officer Arthur Alvarez. "At this time, we’re still trying to get the video so we can review it further.”

Huntington police say the video revealed the lights were stolen last Saturday night around 10:30 pm, but have yet to determine exactly who is behind the crime.

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