Groveton High School students host 4th Annual Kicks for Kids Project

VIDEO: Groveton students host 4th Annual Kicks for Kids Project

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - This year marks the fourth year Groveton High School has held their Kicks for Kids Project.

Students sell paper shoes for a $1 each to local businesses and anyone who would like to donate, and the shoes are displayed with their names on them in the school.

Elementary teachers nominated students, then names were drawn to see who would participate in this shopping experience.

“And some of the little kids they might not have a lot of money,” said Senior Eden Dillard. “And some of them they usually come, and they don’t have socks, or they don’t have nice shoes or they only have one pair so our job is to raise enough money for enough elementary kids to come over here and buy themselves a new pair of shoes.”

High school students say they enjoy the event because it allows students in need to receive a gift.

“It could be the only present they get this year because you know a lot of these kids they don’t have shoes and they wear the same shoes for the whole year and it just makes them feel good it’s like a confidence booster in a sense,” said Senior Elijah Steward

Students say working with the elementary students also helps them to see what it would be like if they were in their shoes.

“Helps us to not only to communicate with children, but also work with children that are on different levels and maybe who have a bit of a different life than we do,” said Dillard.

Stewart said without the help of the generous donors and Target, their project would not be successful to help those in need.

“The community is amazing from the town, from the restaurants, the doctor’s office everybody throws a hand in and wants to make sure that these kids get shoes,” said Stewart.

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